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About the DS CEN

About the DS CEN

The group coordinates a number of activities throughout the year including termly study days covering a range of topics and speakers, regular online peer supervision groups, journal clubs and more. Membership provides access to a network of speech and language therapists and associate members with an interest in Down syndrome (e.g., researchers) as well as SLT assistants and students.

Termly meetings and study days

We run a hybrid study day every Spring term (in-person and online attendance offered). This day provides an agenda of presentations and/or workshops on a range of topics of interest to speech and language therapists working with children and adults who have Down syndrome. In addition to the Spring study day, we coordinate two shorter online meetings in the Summer and Autumn term.

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Peer supervision groups

Supervision groups offer a welcoming and supportive space to reflect and learn from one another. We currently coordinate peer supervision groups for SLT therapists working with:

  • Preschool children who have Down syndrome

  • School age children who have Down syndrome

  • Post 16 education and adults who have Down syndrome


The structure of each group is decided by the members of the group, but frequently focuses on a chosen topic or questions e.g., speech, evidence based resources, working with Teaching Assistants (TAs) to deliver intervention etc. All levels of experience welcome.

Journal club

The aim of journal club is to help members keep up to date with relevant research. We discuss a paper and its relevance for practice at each meeting. We ask for volunteers to take it in turns to present papers, but no pressure to do this for members who simply want to come and discuss. The title/link of the paper is shared in advance and the agreed lead for the session presents a summary at the start of the session with some questions to prompt discussion.

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Research meetings

The aim of this group is to support members in becoming involved in research, in whatever way(s) fit you and your busy schedules. This might be through promoting opportunities to access research funding and research training, participating in ongoing research, and/or to developing your own ideas and proposals for research projects. Please do come along and help to shape the research group for your research needs and ambitions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Developing the Down Syndrome CEN website

The aim of this group is to develop and maintain the Down Syndrome CEN website. We want to hear from members regarding what information you would like to see on the website, how we can use the website to support speech and language therapists generally and any areas or information that should be for members only. Please do get involved in meetings to help guide and develop the Down Syndrome CEN website - we hope to see you there!

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Group Therapy

Working Group around guidance for SLTs and Down Syndrome

The aim of this group is to develop guidance for speech and language therapists that is specific to working with children and adults who have Down syndrome. One of the main themes to come out of the relaunch of the Down Syndrome CEN was that members want information on evidence-based practice and research. This group is focussing on the possibilities and options of how to develop ways of providing this information for SLTs. Please do come along to the meetings and join this group in developing guidance. 

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